Panasonic, at its annual convention in Munich, has unveiled a pair of home theatre speakers that match up with the full HD 3DTVs that it's also been showing off. The SC-ZT2 claims to deliver 7.1 surround sound from just two pole speakers.

They're wireless - requiring just power to function, no audio connection to the television is required. They're also compatible with audio return channel functionality - meaning audio signals can be delivered with HDMI cable to the wireless receiver, simplifying the connection process.

Each pole speaker contains four 2.4cm tweeters, which are aligned vertically and emit sound parallel to the floor, so that audio should be delivered equally at different heights. Useful if you like watching TV while lying on the floor, we suppose.

There's also a down-firing woofer in the base of each speaker, using the floor as a reflector to produce bass that will irritate the people living on the floor below you no end, but should outperform most speakers of similar size.

There's no pricing and availability info yet, but we expect that the system will be available at the same time as its accompanying televisions - around the end of April. When we get a UK price, we'll let you know.