A UK company has launched a new audio speaker system range that promises stereo sound from a single speaker.

Called airSOUND, the new system will come in three different guises and hopes to combat the age-old problem of having two speakers too close together in traditional speaker docks.

Orbitsound, the company behind the tech says the system works by encoding stereo signals as direct and spatial information, rather than as separate left and right mono channels and then producing a single-point-stereo soundfield that is heard identically anywhere in the room rather than best in a specific sweet spot.

There will be three products in the range; the orbitsound T3 personal stereo aura, the orbitsound T6 miniature audiophile hi-fi dock, and the orbitsound T12 spatial stereo soundbar dock.

The T3 speaker system will be aimed at kids, cost around £80 and be worn around your neck plugging into your iPod or MP3 player.

Measuring just 102 x 60 x 19mm (22mm at maximum) and weighing 115g its size and weight, it will offer 10 hours playing time on a single charge.

The orbitsound T6 miniature audiophile hi-fi dock will offer a an iPod docking cradle, as well as the usual array of inputs to connect to a PC or MP3 player. The T6 also features an audiophile class pre amplifier with dual triode valve amplifiers of classic design.

The T12 will be a soundbar design, come with an integrated dock, and offer connection from the audio output of any TV. It will cost around £375.

The three products are due out in the UK in June.