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(Pocket-lint) - Orbitsound announced an all-in-one speaker system earlier this year, that was only available through Harrods in the UK and would set you back a neat £12,000. However, that doesn't mean it has turned its back on the less affluent consumer.

Indeed, its Orbitsound One P70W V2 soundbar offers some of the same proprietary technology found in the high-end system but for a much more affordable price: £399.

The new wireless speaker is an update on the former P70W and adopts the technology Orbitsound calls "transconductance amplification". That means the internal amplifier monitors the behaviour of the speaker drivers and adapts in real time - potentially reducing very low levels of distortion.

The latest speaker unit also utilises the manufacturer's Airsound technology. This processing system splits the central and non-central information in a stereo track, to then send the correct channels to side-firing drivers. This widens the stereo sound and is designed to ensure all listeners get the same experience no matter where they are sitting in the room.

There are several speaker units inside, including top and front-firing 2-inch MK4 drivers, the two side-firing drivers and a low-profile 5.25-inch integrated subwoofer.

As well as a soundbar for TV use, the P70W V2 can be placed on a shelf or sideboard to be used as a dedicated music system. Or you can wall-mount it.

It offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with both Spotify Connect and Apple Music. It can be part of a multiroom solution, with other P70W V2 speakers syncing music through the Orbitsound app.

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The Orbitsound One P70W V2 is available in either black or bamboo through John Lewis in the UK.

Writing by Rik Henderson.