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(Pocket-lint) - British audio company Orbitsound has announced its first ever one-box audio system, complete with integrated subwoofer. Called the One, Orbitsound's latest audio product can be placed in a variety of positions and orientations - Orbitsound has three in mind - without affecting the sound quality. It's relatively compact at 70cm x 17.2cm x 7.5cm (w,d,h), so you shouldn't have much problem finding a home for it and the combination of a steel and wood build gives it a rather sleek finish.

The driver and hardware array behind the grille allows the One to be placed in any of the three proposed listening positions: lying flat, standing vertically on a shelf, or wall-mounted by a TV, where it can act as a soundbar via a single digital optical cable, to improve the sound for your movies and TV shows.

The 5.25in integrated subwoofer promises to deliver deep, booming bass, while four 2in drivers take care of the mid- and high-frequencies. Orbitsound has also employed its own airSound technology that claims to add extra width and space from the speaker, to help eliminate the so-called "sweet spot" in a room.

We've already mentioned you can connect your TV to the One via an optical cable - if you do want to wall-mount it, you can do so with the included kit - but you can also wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth or connect legacy devices via a 3.5mm auxiliary lead.

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Orbitsound managing director Daniel Fletcher said: "Most sound systems that are wall mountable, position the drivers at an angle to increase the coverage of possibilities, but the experience is compromised as all listening happenes predominantly off-axis. However the One is uniquely different with 2 'front speakers' working together to create an uncompromised vertical coverage".

"AirSound takes care of the horizontal dispersal and the result is a soundfield with no dead spots, thus creating a large spectrum for an immersive, room-filling listening experience while maintaining crisp and centred vocals".

The Orbitsound One will be available from 27 February in black for £299. White and light wood finishes being available later in the year.

Writing by Max Langridge.