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(Pocket-lint) - Let’s face it, the sound on smaller TVs or laptops can be somewhat lacklustre, no matter how much you crank the volume. The Orbitsound T9, with its 6.5-inch long-throw subwoofer, aims to increase the number of decibels on offer, despite measuring a mere 30cm.

Orbitsound’s T9 is not just a soundbar, however, with an embedded mini speaker dock for the iPod and iPhone also on board.

Plug your Apple device into the T9 and not only will you be able to control it remotely via the T9’s remote control, but your iPhone and iPod will also receive a timely battery boost.

Hook the T9 up to your TV – Orbitsound has included any number of cables to ensure this is possible – and you’ll also be able to play any media you have loaded on your iPhone or iPod or alternatively any content you wish to stream, such as BBC iPlayer or YouTube. 

orbitsound t9 soundbar and mini speaker dock brings a big bang to the small screen image 2

Utilising the manufacturer’s patented spatial sound technology, Orbitsound is promising that no matter where the T9 is positioned the same quality of sound can be enjoyed throughout a room. 

It certainly looks like a slick piece of kit, be it the white or black variant, and will be available from mid-July from John Lewis and other selected retailers for £199.99.

Pocket-lint will be bringing you a full review of the Orbitsound T9 very soon.

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What are your first impressions of the Orbitsound T9? We want to know.

Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.