Orbitsound has just announced the release of a range of audio products, which consists of an iPod dock/radio, a soundbar and a palm-sized portable speaker.

The British company uses its spatial stereo technology (unveiled at CES 2008) in all three products to "produce realistic stereo sound with depth and clarity to rival the much more expensive sound systems".

First up we have the T12 v2 soundbar, an update to the original T12.  Designed to be mounted above or beneath a flatscreen TV screen, it gets an improved sub feeder cable, which makes installation nice and simple, as well as the Works With iPod and iPhone stamp from Apple. However the most amazing claim from the company is that "the T12 can even cut a staggering 40 per cent on your energy consumption", quite how it will achieve this is uncertain, since if true it's clearly the answer to all your powering-your-home woes.

Next up is the T4 Radiopod, which uses its Wi-Fi connectivity to access internet radio, giving you the ability to listen to a choice of thousands of radio stations and podcasts. You'll even get a digital clock alarm with snooze function, to boot.

Last but certainly not least is the T3 portable speaker, which enables you to inflict your music taste on friends and the general public alike. 10 hours plus of playback should mean that you can make the most of its portable design, and it can even be worn around the neck, for that ultra high-fashion look.

Prices come in at £299.99 for the T12 v2 soundbar, £179.99 for the Radiopod and £49.99 for the T3 portable speaker. All are available from June 2010.