Onkyo is unleashing an Advanced Digital Micro Component System on the world in honour of its 60th anniversary.

Consisting of a CD receiver, iPod dock, and a wireless USB transmitter, the system is designed to offer a high-quality audio experience, no matter where you keep your music.

The CR-715DAB CD receiver is a micro hi-fi device that manages to transmit 50w per channel, and conceals a large transformer and high-capacity 4700uf capacity to ensure that the audio quality is superb, despite the device’s small size.

Onkyo has also packed in its Vector Linear Digital Technology for digital to analogue conversion, and Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry, in order to deliver smooth, noise-free playback.

The device offers DAB/AM/FM radio reception with 40 programmable presets, as well as an alarm clock and comprehensive remote control.

The receiver can be bought on its own, or bundled with D-N10BX speakers that offer a frequency response down to 45Hz, contain a ring-drive type, 3cm tweeter, and a 13cm mid/bass driver cone.

The DA-A2 iPod dock is a good-looking spot for your iPod that comes with a remote control or can be operated with the CR-715DAB’s remote.

If you prefer, however, to stream music from your PC, the UWL-1 Wireless USB Audio Transport system streams audio to the micro CD receiver via the RX-1 Digital Wireless Audio Receiver.

The device is powered from the new CD receiver, rather than from standalone power.

The whole setup will cost you a pretty penny; the CR-715DAB costs £330; the iPod dock, £64.95; the Audio Transport system, £79.95.