(Pocket-lint) - As the landscape of the music industry continues to shift and change thanks to the success of newer brands like Sonos, those that survive have to continue to adapt to stay in the game.

The latest partnership/merger/takeover is between AV specialists Pioneer and Amp maker Onkyo.

Pioneer, who've been steadily pulling out of most of its business ventures of late, has confirmed that it will be selling its Home AV business to Onkyo in return for a stake in the competitors company.

The deal sees Onkyo taking control of Pioneer's AV business that makes DVD players, digital photo frames, and other equipment in return for almost 15 per cent of Onkyo.

The deal doesn't however include Pioneer's DJ range, with the companying stating that it plans to sell the turntables and DJ equipment to another buyer, which hasn't been found yet, allowing the company to concentrate almost solely on it's in-car stereo stuff.

The company has been slowly retreating away from Home Cinema products, once making what was considered the best Plasma screen ever released.

Meanwhile Onkyo have been aggressively ramping up its efforts to get with the programme and offer something above and beyond an amp that people are slowly feeling they might not need.

Recently it announced that it was adding Dolby Atmos to its cinema amps and teaming up with Spotify to add streaming music to its devices.

Whether the move will be enough to compete against the plethora of Bluetooth speakers and a growing number of music listeners not fussed with big professional setups is yet to be seen however.

Writing by Stuart Miles.