Will.i.am, master of punctuation and coach on hit TV series The Voice, has revealed to Pocket-lint that he is working with AV manufacturer Onkyo on a new project.

Speaking at the Royal College of Art’s Innovation Night, the popstar and Intel's director of creative innovation told journalists he had been meeting Onkyo in Japan.

"I go to Japan a lot where I work with this company Onkyo ... you know Onkyo," he said, adding "So hmm ... we are working on something with them."

Unfortunately will.i.am didn't reveal any more details about his dealings and plans with the Japanese manufacturer.

Previous partnerships have included the likes of Apple, where his band the Black Eyed Peas did one of the original iTunes commercials.

Onkyo is known for its high-end AV systems and the likes of innovative Spotify connectivity, so we're certain that will.i.am's involvement will be on the audio side. Until we have more though, we can't be certain.

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