Onkyo has announced a pair of A/V receivers and a controller capable of blasting your ears off thanks to a top of the range THX Ultra2 certification. 

The A/V receivers and controller bring with them connectivity with just about every single web-based music source available. All three can make use of Spotify premium, last.FM, Napster Aupeo and vTuner. DLNA 1.5 certification as well as proper USB support also means you can play back audio from a variety of different sources including iPods and iPhones. Thumb drive support brings with it the ability to play back high quality audio files from formats like Super Audio CD. 

The top end PR-SC5509 controller features all the same processing and connectivity of the TX-NR5009, the difference being it doesn't include a built-in amplifier, meaning you audio enthusiasts can connect it to a high-end multi-channel amp.

Audio fans can expect technology like a HQV Vida VHD 1900 processor, which employs all sorts of clever video trickery to do things like upscale 1080p video to 4k resolution. 

The slightly cheaper TX-NR3009 is very much the same as its bigger 5009 brother minus the gold plated terminals used. Also dropped is 32-bit DACS which falls to 24-bit and a slightly different set of capacitors which still deliver 9 x 200W of power (plenty, believe us).

Expect to pay £2700 for the NR5009, £2000 for the NR3009 and £2200 for the PR-SC5509 9.2-channel controller. 

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