It's all go over at Onkyo with the AV specialist unveiling its second new device in the space of a couple of weeks (following the Spotify-tastic TX-NR1009) - the mini hi-fi system labelled the Colibrino.

The Colibrino packs a whole lot of digital music tech into its little frame. There's an iPod dock on the top, USB input (with a front facing connection) for MP3 files, a CD player, and a DAB+ tuner that also received DAB signals too.

Sound quality should be good thanks to the system packing "highly efficient digital amplifier circuitry incorporated within" as well as Onkyo’s proprietary Active Bass Control tech which should mean "smooth and natural bass performance" even when you've got it turned right up.

The Colibrino comes with a pair of free-standing, two-way, bass-reflex speakers, each packing 10cm diameter woofers.

Priced at £279.99, the Onkyo Colibrino should hit shops in August or September and is available in white, silver or black.