If you were tempted by the two compact audio systems from Onkyo that we told you about last week, but decided that you'd rather go for an all-in-one docking system, then the Onkyo CBX-600UKD may well be just the system to fit your needs.

It's essentially a high-end iPod dock, but with a few extra features included as well.

Firstly, you'll be able to play all of your CDs with the slot-loading optical drive that is found on the top of the machine. You also have DAB (and old-fashioned FM) radio capabilities as well, with a 30 station preset memory.

The iPod dock itself is hidden from view, it slides out from a tray upon a push of a button. When you do hook your Apple device up you'll get the best sound quality available for your compressed MP3s via the ND-S1 digital media transport connector with Digital Direct.

The CBX-600UKD has a solid aluminium top with anti-vibration separated speaker construction. It packs an aero acoustic drive, two 10w power amplifiers with 11-step bass and treble control and a 3-step superbass control.

The Onkyo CBX-600UKD is available with a black or white finish and will cost you £349.99. It is out in October.