Onkyo, the Japanese home cinema audio giant, has announced two new receivers - the TX-NR5008 and the TX-NR3008 - both of which are fully 3D compatible that will serve as the flagship devices of the range.

Both models are Windows 7 friendly and THX Ultra2 Plus and DLNA 1.5 certified and have eight HDMI v1.4a inputs. They both support 3D video for both of the standard 3D formats.

There are two HDMI outputs so as you can watch your content via two separate displays at the same time (could be handy for a massive session on Rock Band). All video inputs are upscaled to 1080p and there's also ISF video calibration onboard. 

iPhone and iPod is available via USB (although Onkyo is stating that the iPad hasn't been fully tested on the receivers) and your album artwork can be displayed on your hooked-up TV. 

Both models have an Ethernet port to link up with to your broadband connection and your home network. You can then access streaming internet radio through vTuner, or play back FLAC, MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, WMA Lossless, AAC, and LPCM files.  

Each receiver has 9.2 audio channels with Audyssey DSX and Dolby Pro Logic Iiz technology. There is also support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and compatibility with DSD Direct. Multi-channel audio processing is handled by the Burr-Brown DACs. 

The TX-NR5008 and TX-NR3008 have a multi-room option letting you play a 5.1-channel source in your main room, with stereo audio in two other rooms. 

The difference between the two models is that the TX-NR3008 has a front-side USB port, while the TX-NR5008 features USB ports at the front and rear. The TX-NR5008 can also handle audio content from flash memory devices and also boasts a toroidal transformer for superior audio power and sound quality.

Both receivers are out in August, the TX-NR5008 is priced at £2400 and the TX-NR3008 at £1700.