(Pocket-lint) - Naim is an audio brand that's targeted at the high-end audiophiles out there. The products are expensive, but they reward customers with incredible build quality and sound. Naim has just announced its redesigned the Uniti all-in-one systems range, and boy do they look good.

The new range comprises four models, the Uniti Core, Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova and the eagle-eyed among you will notice certain design similarities with the Mu-so wireless speaker.

The Uniti Core is, as the name suggests, the core of the system and is used to rip and store your CD collection. You can switch out the hard drive for a solid state one if you want with maximum storage set at 8TB, enough for 16,000 albums. The Uniti Core will launch in December for £1650.


The Uniti Atom, Star and Nova are all network streaming players and come with varying levels of Class A/B amplification. The Atom has 40 watts per channel, Uniti Star 70 watts per channel and Uniti Nova 80 watts per channel. Naim has fitted all three players with Burr Brown DACs and digital filter technology taken from its ultra high-end £125,000 Statement amplifier.


You can play music from the players from almost every conceivable way, including streaming from a PC, Mac or NAS drive, Spotify Connect, built-in support for Tidal, Apple AirPlay and Google Cast. The Uniti Nova and Star have optional DAB modules for digital radio but all players have Internet radio built-in. If that wasn't enough, all players have aptX Bluetooth as well and can playback music from USB devices.

You can send music to up to five different rooms with different songs being played on different Uniti players or the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb.

The Uniti Atom will be the first component to launch in November for £1600, the Uniti Star will be available from February 2017 for £3000 or £3150 with the DAB module and the Uniti Nova will also be launched in February for £3800 or £3995 with the DAB module.

Writing by Max Langridge.