(Pocket-lint) - Cue Strauss's Blue Danube, the Statement has landed. Naim Audio has revealed the Statement, a super high-end home amplification system for hi-fi audio that costs a mind-bending £125,000.

Comprising Naim's NAC S1 preamplifier and two NAP S1 mono power amplifiers, the Statement is a monolithic amp arrangement that anyone with a fine ear, and the money to match their passion, would love to have power their top-end loudspeakers.

It is capable of ensuring CD, vinyl or digital music sources are played with the utmost respect and as cleanly as humanly possible. There is a massive transformer in the lower section that delivers clean and stable power to the audio electronics above and the vertical design allows for optimum thermal performance. It minimises electromagnetic interaction between components and if you're willing to pay that much money for the experience, these are the things that will matter to you.

Each of the power amplifiers is rated at 746W into 8ohms - the equivalent of one horsepower - and they weigh 101kg apiece. Some of the hardware was developed in collaboration with manufacturers of semi-conductors typically used in aerospace and space exploration applications.

The Statement's NAC S1 preamp includes the Naim Dual Volume Control technology which switches from an audiophile stepped resistor system for best sound to a chip control offering seamless volume transition the millisecond the user touches and then releases the volume dial.

Development on the project started three years ago, but Naim's electronic design director Steve Sells conceived the idea for the ultimate amp more than a decade ago.

"It’s a dream come true to actually make a product like Statement a reality. It’s been in my sketch book for years and an ambition ever since I first started to design amplifiers as a teenager. It’s a massive project," he said.

"To really push the boundaries of what we could achieve has required the efforts of teams from across Naim. Electronic, mechanical and industrial design engineers with combined experience totalling well over a hundred years have contributed to these products."

Statement will be released in July this year. Prices start at £125,000 for the complete system.

Writing by Rik Henderson.