Naim Audio’s latest Ovator S-800 loudspeakers took five years of research to build - which might help explain why a pair comes with a an eye-watering £30,000 price tag. 

The speakers were unveiled at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show and will be made available from December, which means you’ll need to put aside around £6,000 a month from now until then in order to have enough money to buy one.

the 30 000 speakers that took five years to construct image 3

Measuring 1393mm tall and 520mm wide, the Ovator S-800 loudspeakers will take up a large amount of space in your living room, but then if you’re forking out £30,000 for a pair of speakers we’re guessing your rooms are bigger than average. 

Rather than a cone-shaped bass as found in most speakers, Naim Audio has kitted the Ovator S-800 with a flat diaphragm bass unit, which leaves more space behind the unit. This in turn helps create a better sound quality.

the 30 000 speakers that took five years to construct image 4

In addition, Naim’s own Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) eliminates the need for a separate tweeter because it is able to handle both high and low frequency levels.

Well for £30,000 it’s the least we’d expect.

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