(Pocket-lint) - Monster has announced a new version of its Superstar portable Bluetooth speaker that can be completely submerged in water. And it garnered the help of Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal to demonstrate the device to a gathered throng of journalists during its pre-CES press conference.

Shaq has been used in Monster's advertising for the normal version of speaker before, so his presence this time around isn't a massive surprise, but the speaker possibly is. The Monster Superstar Backfloat can continue playing music even when bobbing up and down on top of liquid. It is expected to be released soon for £150.

The audio and accessories firm also announced a whole swathe of additional products during the event, including a wireless high definition speaker system, the Monster SoundStage, new collaborations with Adidas, including in-ear and and wireless headphones, and a partnership with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

It wasn't all hardware announcements though, Monster also unveiled its own music player for Android and iOS. Pure Monster Sound: Experience is an app that integrates with your existing music library, including access to playlists, cover art, songs, artist details and genres, but provides distinct sonic profiles based on the sound of each track. It decides the sound signature by the metadata, such as the particular era of the song or the artist.


We'll be finding out more about the products, along with the DNA Pro headphones also announced when the CES 2015 show doors open.

Writing by Rik Henderson and Elyse Betters.