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(Pocket-lint) - Marshall has unveiled new versions of all three of its main home speakers - the Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III, each bigger than the last.

All three updates have fairly minor revisions on the design side, masking what Marshall says is a total re-engineering on the inside to allow for significantly wider sound stages.

While the power of each speaker varies according to its size, all should now benefit from a redesign that sees tweeters angled for more expansive sound, with Bluetooth 5.2 also added for more stable connections.

In line with its more industrial past, Marshall includes controls on top of each speaker to let you adjust the volume, bass and treble balances without needing to fiddle around with its admittedly solid app.


The largest speaker, the Woburn, could act as a sort of hugely chunky soundbar since it has an HDMI port for connecting that way, but none of the speakers adds Wi-Fi for a persistent connection.

All three have stripped back a row of brass on the front speaker grille that was present on the second-generation speakers for a slightly more low-key look, but the controls on top are still nice and metallic for those with an eye for details.

The speakers will cost £239.99, £329.99, and £499.99 respectively, and will ship from 23 June, but you can pre-order from Marshall right now if you're keen.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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