Logitech launched its Squeezebox Radio at the end of September with the promise that Queen's "Absolute Greatest" best-of best-ofs album would be available exclusively to streaming on the player before it hit the shops. The company demonstrated the device to us, and we grabbed a few photos for you.

There's red and black editions of the Radio available, and it allows you to play internet radio, or stream digital music over a home network. It can also work with Napster, and Last.fm, as well as Pandora, Sirius and Rhapsody in the States. Flickr works too, for viewing slideshows of your, and your friends', photos.

It has an all-in-one design and can be plugged straight into a power source. For networking purposes, there's the option of an ethernet cable or 802.11g Wi-Fi. There are 6 preset buttons available that you can hook up favourite stations and playlists to. It costs £160 and it's available now.