Logitech invited us along to an event to take a look at its winter 2009 range, and we grabbed a few photos of the company's latest iPod docks - the S125i and the S315i.

The S125i is the rounded, smaller model. It can play and charge any iPod model and also has an 3.5mm auxiliary input if you want to plug in something else. It has a bass boosting button, and runs on AC or battery power. Those batteries are 4 x AA, and aren't supplied, though an AC adaptor obviously is.

The S315i is the squarer one, and features a rechargeable battery that'll give you 20 hours of juice in power-saving mode before it conks out. It also will work with any iPod and adds iPhone compatibility too, as well as coming with a 3.5mm jack input like its little brother.

The S125i costs £70 and the S325i costs £100. Both are available now.