Logitech is looking to simplify internet radio with the introduction of the Sqeezebox family of products for your ears. The choice is between the smaller Squeezebox Radio and the Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi music players as to how you want to do things.

The radio is cheaper at an RRP of £159 and it's also out this month. It measures 130 x 220 x 8.5mm with a small colour screen that displays album art as well as whatever station you're on. There are six preset buttons, a 3.5mm jack and a extra 6-hour rechargeable battery available if you wish to free it from the wall.

The set-up is said to be as easy as plugging it in, at which point it'll connect to your home network, and it will also work with your music subscription services from Last.fm, Napster and Deezer but sadly no mention of Spotify.

If you're after a more integrated solution, the other option is the Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi player which adds a bigger screen and the ability to play the internet radio music through your existing audio set up. It plugs straight into your speakers and will pump out music stored on USB and SD cards too. This time you're looking at £259 and will have to wait until November for the pleasure.

Both devices also allow you to share tracks, playlist and photos via Facebook and Flickr.