Logitech has announced a couple of iPod docks in a post on its blog. The company's global product marketing manager for Digital Music, Doug Ebert, has detailed two new products - the S315i and S125i.

The S315i is a rechargable speaker that focuses on battery life. It packs in what the company claims is a "full day's worth of music on a single charge", and can recharge your iPod or iPhone when it's docked too. It's less than two inches thick.

Then there's the S125i, which comes with a bass-boosting button. It weighs less than 500g, and can be powered with either AC or battery power, depending on whether you've got a handy socket or not. Both units have a 3.5mm input too, if you're not a fully paid-up member of the cult of Apple.

The S315i and S125i cost $130 and $70 respectively, and should be available this month.