Logitech has launched two new speaker docks for iPod and iPhone owners.

The Pure-Fi Express Plus and Pure-Fi Anytime are expected to be on shelves in October for €79.99 and €99.99 respectively.

Both provide docks for your Apple kit - including iPods and iPhones (both the 3G and first-gen models) - but the Express Plus is an omnidirectional speaker system so can be used in any room, whilst the Anytime has an alarm clock so would be best in the bedroom.

The Express Plus and its omnidirectional acoustics is claimed to be a first for Logitech in a dock system of this price.

Also worth a mention is the face that it can run on AC or battery power and includes an integrated handle and wireless remote control with a range of up to 10 meters.

The main feature of the Pure-Fi Anytime is its motion-sensing technology, which activates a backlight so you can set your alarm without having to turn on the lights.

And if you want to get a few minutes of extra sleep when your alarm goes off in the morning, you can wave your hand over the speakers and the motion-sensing technology will activate Snooze.

The Pure-Fi Anytime also offers a digital AM/FM radio.