The website that brings you all things iPod,, has added a new pair of earbuds and two new speakers to its site.

Beyerdynamic DTX50 Portable Earphones promises good audio quality thanks to a design that allows the transmission of ultra deep bass frequencies.

The in-ear design blocks out some ambient noise, while the silicon ear pads, which come in three different sizes, promise a snug but comfortable fit.

The DTX 50 is available in black or white and is available for £60.

Logitech's two latest iPod speaker systems, the AudioStation and AudioStation Express are also now available.

The original version is quite large and functions as both a stereo and clock radio.

The system combines two-way speakers with 25mm and 10cm woofers. It's controlled with touch-sensitive buttons or by an included remote.

The AudioStation Express is a much smaller system, and uses the iPod's screen as a display. It comes with a protective case, and has white and black accents on its casing so that it matches both iPod video models.

It draws power from the mains or from 6 AA batteries. The original AudioStation costs £200, while the Express is only £80.