Logitech is courting gamers on a budget with its new X-540 surround-sound speaker system.

The company claims that the system is able to create rich surround-sound audio from a two-channel audio source using matrix surround-sound technology, which splits an audio signal to create five channels.

The sub-£100 system also facilitates the use of flat-panel displays with a centre-channel clip that hooks one of the devices on to the top of a flat screen.

Five satellites and a subwoofer deliver 70W RMS power. The speakers use Frequency Directed Dual Driver technology that incorporates two drivers in each satellite speaker and overcomes high-frequency overlap.

The Logitech X-540 speaker system is available in the US and Europe this October for around £70.

“Over the past 5 years, Logitech has achieved market leadership in the multimedia speaker category with our bestselling X-series speaker line, by delivering great performance, style and value”, said Jef Holove, Logitech’s vice president of product marketing for audio.

“The X-540 system leaps beyond that to provide more pragmatic innovation, offering matrix technology and the innovative centre-channel clip. It’s sure to be a hit with gamers, and our customers can rest assured that, for baseline audio performance, this system outclasses the competition in its price range.”