Logitech’s new Wireless DJ Music System streams audio files from your PC to a stereo system or speakers.

The lynchpin of the set up is the Wireless DJ remote, which features a sleek iPod-like design with a blue-lit LCD.

The display on the remote shows the entire audio content on the PC, as well as playlists, and also features a DJ List that lets people create playlists on the fly by queuing songs.

The system doesn’t require an existing wifi network. Instead, a transmitter is plugged into the PC’s USB port, while the Music Receiver/Dock is connected to the stereo system or to multimedia speakers.

The Wireless DJ Music System has a range of about 50 meters, and Add-On Receivers can be purchased to stream music to additional rooms.

The system also comes with Logitech StreamPoint software, which aggregates audio files, playlists, and internet radio stations from iTunes, Windows Media Player, and MusicMatch Jukebox, to create a unified music library.

The Wireless DJ Music System will be available in late September for around £180.