Logitech today introduced the Logitech mm32 portable speakers, what it is claiming is a "sleek, affordable speaker system that delivers dynamic sound quality" and works with any MP3 player, that has a standard headphone jack.

According to the company, the mid-range offering in Logitech's growing family of portable MP3 speakers, the mm32 speakers will come in a cylinder-shaped design.

The mm32 speakers also feature an adjustable cradle that fits most players as well as allowing people to simultaneously play music and charge their players.

The one-piece system, which comes in black or white measures 6cm tall, 6cm wide, and 28.5cm long. The unit has two neodymium quad micro drivers, two drivers on each side.

Unplugged, Logitech say that the mm32 portable speakers deliver up to 10 hours of playing time with four AA batteries.

The speakers include a unique pass-through cradle, allowing charging and audio input cables to connect to ports located on the base of music players, without any of the cables showing.

The cradle also includes an adjustable back that holds MP3 players of various shapes and sizes in place.

The Logitech mm32 portable speakers will be available in Europe beginning in May. They will be available in Europe beginning this month for around £55.