Logitech has announced a 5.1 surround sound speaker system without the need for cables. The new Logitech Z-5450 THX-certified 5.1 speaker system will offer users digital wireless dual rear speakers.

Each of the independent rear speakers can be placed anywhere within 8.5 meters (28 feet) of the speaker system control centre, requiring only a power outlet.

The Logitech Z-5450 Digital system uses digital 2.4 GHz wireless technology, with adaptive frequency hopping, to minimize any chance of interference. Logitech say that any potential performance problems due to interference is eliminated because the system intelligently sends redundant wireless transmissions to each rear satellite; if one data stream is lost, a second identical stream is captured.

The speakers also come with the Digital SoundTouch Control Centre, which serves as a wireless control centre and digital decoder. The Logitech Z-5450 Digital speakers decode a broad range of formats, including Dolby Digital, DTS, and DTS 96/24. The system also comes with a wireless remote control.

The Logitech Z-5450 Digital speakers will be available in the U.S. beginning in September for a suggested retail price of $499.99.

Logitech also extended its award-winning Z-series family of speakers to include the new Logitech Z-4 speaker system: an affordable and stylish 2.1 system with a new three-driver satellite design that delivers great performance for listening to digital music on a computer or a portable music player. The Logitech Z-4 and Z-4i speakers will be available in the U.S. and in Europe beginning in October, for a suggested retail price of $99.99 in the America.