(Pocket-lint) - Designed for either TV or PC use, Logitech's Z623 2.1 speaker system has been certified as passing THX's stringent guidelines for multimedia use, and therefore happily displays the respective branding.

It is also suitable for console use, as there are both stereo audio phono inputs and a mini-jack port, allowing you to plug into a couple of separate sources. And a headphone socket means that you won't have to fiddle around at the back of your TV or computer if you need some privacy.

The right satellite speaker also has volume and bass controls, should you need to refine the sound experience at the Z623, rather than the source.

Power output for the whole set-up is rated at 200 Watts (RMS), which should give you a bit more oomph than the in-built speakers in a flatpanel TV. And all cables are included, so there shouldn't be a need to scrabble around trying to find the right bits.

At £149, and available from the Logitech website (www.logitech.co.uk) as well as other major retailers, it represents decent value for money considering the THX-certification. Do remember though, that it is certified for multimedia use, rather than full home cinema (such as THX Select2, for example).

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Writing by Rik Henderson.