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(Pocket-lint) - Libratone is one of the slightly less mainstream names in the smart speaker market, but it's been putting out great speakers for some time now, not least the Zipp 2, a smart speaker that we rate as one of the best on the market. 

It's a speaker that has a little bit more soul and individuality than the many bland metallic columns that other brands have put out, and matches that with really impressive sound. 

Right now, the speaker is heavily discounted on Amazon UK, too - its price is down by more than 50%, from a regular price of £279 all the way down to £129, which is about as heavy a discount as you can hope for.



That makes it a really great buy - you're getting great 360-degree sound, adjustable using a simple companion app, and access to both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to make sure that it can power your smart home if you're that way inclined. Of course, you could just use the assistants to settle arguments with quick searches and calculations - that's up to you.

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The speaker also one-ups some of its competition with portability. That zipped-up jacket that gives the speaker its name also has a handle attached, to let you pick up the speaker and move with it, while up to 12 hours of battery life means you're not tethered to mains power.

In fact, when we reviewed the Zipp 2, one of our only reservations was that it was slightly pricier than the likes of the Sonos One or a few of Amazon's Echo speakers - which completely upended by this deal. 

Best of all, if you prefer a slightly smaller speaker with a shrunken profile but many of the same design touches and certainly a similar vibe, the Zipp 2 Mini is also discounted, down to £99 from £229, making it a similarly superb deal for a limited time. If you've been looking at Libratone's speakers with envy, now's probably the time to jump for one!


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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