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(Pocket-lint) - Speaker design can be a little staid, it's fair to say - how many puck-shaped units or bland grey cylinders are there on the market, for example? By contrast, Libratone has thus far done a good job of having its speakers stand out with kooky designs, and its latest is probably the most far-out yet. 

The Bird is its new mini Bluetooth speaker, releasing as part of Libratone's 10th anniversary this year and inspired by its own bird-shaped logo. As you can tell from the image above, though, that inspiration is a tad more literal than many design notes often end up being. 


The wireless speaker comes in either pastel pink or blue, and looks as its name suggests, like a bird. Libratone says the idea was to make it fun to use from the start, which is fair enough, and it can be controlled through some unique techniques.

Libratone Libratones new Bluetooth speaker is very literally a Bird image 2

You can twist its head, tap on its forehead or touch its tail to make different selections, while voice assistant compatibility means that you can also go hands-free if it's easier to do so (although we're not sure exactly which ones, quite yet). 

The unit gets a 10-hour battery life for portable use, and weighs 145g for easy carrying. Plus, if you'd like a boost in sound you can connect two of the speakers together easily - again, it's not yet clear whether this would offer stereo playback or merely extra volume. 

Another fun touch is that the Bird comes with a magnetic base, meaning that you can perch it anywhere metallic simply by placing it there.  

The speaker costs £59 and is available to buy from Libratone now, although whether it will launch in the US is yet to be clarified. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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