(Pocket-lint) - Libratone Zipp is about to get voice integration and more. 

What does that mean? First, the Zipp wireless speaker will now work with Alexa, allowing people to voice control not only their Zipp but also connected devices. Simply tap it, then say, “Play Lady Gaga" or "Turn on my kitchen light". Remember, Alexa commands can be used on many smart-home devices. Also, because the Zipp has a battery, you can move around with it and essentially have Alexa on the go.

In that way, Zipp now reminds us a lot of Amazon Tap, Amazon's own portable speaker, which, at launch, didn't come with voice-activated Alexa commands; users had to tap - hence the name Amazon Tap - a button to activate Alexa. But Zipp actually stands out more because it plans to support Apple AirPlay 2, which is due to launch later this year. You can read all about AirPlay 2 and how it works from here.

Libratone said its wireless speaker will become AirPlay 2-enabled via an update that will be ready shortly after Apple’s release of AirPlay 2, and it will be totally free of charge for all existing Zipp and Zipp Mini speaker users. Alexa voice integration will also be available to all existing Zipp and Zipp Mini speaker owners, totally free of charge, through a Libratone app update, due to be released in autumn this year.

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Now, as for that new Libratone Zipp Alexa skill, it will allow people to ask Alexa on a device like the Echo Dot to turn up the volume of their Zipp speaker. Check out Pocket-lint's review of Zipp for more information about it. We think Zipp gives an extra wallop of sound. If you're after an at-home portable speaker, then Libratone seems to have that corner of the market neatly zipped-up.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.