(Pocket-lint) - Some audio speakers are designed to stay in the living room, others have a bit more versatility and can work all around the house. Then there's the Libratone Too, which is just as comfortable in the great outdoors. Wherever you go, this speaker can go, too - get it?

So if you're off to a festival or heading to the park for a picnic, it's the perfect companion. And here are the reasons why.

First, as you might expect from Libratone, the styling is terrific: it's blessed with classy design.

Another good reason is the design is pretty useful. The Libratone Too has a neat, rubberised, finish with a carry handle on the top, making it especially portable. As small and as slim as a bottle, it's easy to put in a bag or backpack to take with you. It measures 21cm long by 6.5cm wide.

LibratoneLibratone too speaker image 4

The handle can also be used as a hook so you can hang the speaker in your tent or from a tree branch, for instance.

The finish is more than just good-looking, though. It means that the speaker is splash-proof so if the sunny day turns to rain, there's no problem - though you'll probably want to take it with you to continue listening as you run for cover. It also means that you can use the Libratone Too in the bathroom or listen to music poolside, too.

There are four snazzy shades: Cerise Red, Cloudy Grey, Graphite Grey, which is a darker colour and a particularly eye-catching Caribbean Green.

Libratone keeps the design clean and minimalist: there are just two buttons. One to power it on and a touch-sensitive surface that lets you play and pause tracks with one touch or turn the volume up and down with a circular stroke. Of course, whichever shade you plump for, the touch panel is colour-matched perfectly.

LibratoneLibratone too speaker image 5

Another good reason to carry the Too with you outdoors is that it stand up the right way automatically and the audio is projected in every direction thanks to 360-degree sound. Don't be fooled by the size of the Libratone Too: its audio is much more powerful than it looks, delivering potent, loud audio that none the less manages to have depth and precision.

If you want even more oomph, you can also link two speakers - two Toos! - together to create a stereo pair. This is easily done using the smartphone app where you'll also find useful extras such as nine audio presets to tweak the sound to your personal taste. You can also control volume, playback and more from the app. What's also useful is that you can pair the speaker with two separate phones, so two people can take turns to play music from the same speaker.

Since this is a Bluetooth speaker, you can also use it as a hands-free speakerphone when a call comes in, which is very handy. Audio quality is good for calls as well as tunes.

The battery life is excellent, 12 hours or more, so you won't be recharging it all the time, which could also be useful as being in the park or at a festival means you're not close to a power socket all the time.

There's one more reason why the speaker should be your festival companion: it's a great-value buy. At just £129, it puts plenty of pricier speakers in the shade.

Wherever you're going, take the Libratone Too.