(Pocket-lint) - The Libratone Zipp is one of the best portable speakers on the market offering great sound and portability amongst other things.

Receiving a "recommended Award", in our review on Pocket-lint, we said that "Where the Libratone really excels is with the sheer oomph of its audio output…Libratone seems to have that corner of the market neatly zipped-up here."

Here are five reasons to buy the 360-degree full room sound speaker.

1.Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

You can use the speaker's in-built Wi-Fi connectivity to stream music from a number of music services or radio directly to your Zipp speaker. You can also connect any phone on the same Wi-Fi network, or connect up to six speakers to play music synchronously around the home.

When you aren't connecting via Wi-Fi, you can stream music from any device to the Zipp speaker via Bluetooth, that's perfect when you are out and about at a picnic, simply on the go, or if a friend has come around and wants to share their music.


The Libratone Zipp features a built-in battery, meaning you aren't restricted by needing to be near a power socket all the time like some other speakers. The Zipp's built-in battery is capable of 10 hours of music playback giving you more than enough charge for a full days listening in the office, the chance to listen to even the longest of albums, or merely enjoy an awesome playlist at a party or picnic this summer.

3. Spotify Connect

The Libratone Zipp speaker works with Spotify Connect allowing you to play your music directly from ZIPP without needing your phone. Whether you are playing music from your computer, your tablet, or your phone the Zipp has you covered. In fact, the Zipp doesn't just support Spotify Connect. You can stream the audio from all your favourite apps including Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Apple Music, Netflix, and Napster.

4. 360-degree listening

The Zipp delivers the rich and clear Libratone sound in every direction from the compact speakers thanks to its 360-degree design. The Zipp's unique acoustic technology sends sound waves in every direction, filling any sized room meaning wherever you are sitting listening to the music you'll enjoy its great sound.

5. Easy to use

Get it out of the box, plug it in, download the app, and connect to the Wi-Fi. It's as easy as that. Forget 500-page instruction manuals. With just a few taps of the app, you're connected to WiFi and ready to go. You can manage your speaker from the really easy to use app, perform updates, and manage all your settings from one place. Easy peasy.

You aren't reliant on the app either. The Speaker has a number of cool touch control functions including a great "hush" function that instantly drops the volume the speaker if you put your hand over the control panel on the top of the speaker.

Where to buy

If you're in the market for a great portable speaker, you can't go wrong with the Libratone Zipp. You can pick one up from Libratone directly at Libratone.com or popular online retailers for £249 in a range of colours including the new Nordic Black.