(Pocket-lint) - The Scandinavian audio company famous for speakers like the Loop and Zipp has announced a new soundbar it is hoping will appeal to movie and music fans looking for zero fuss.

The new speaker from Libratone, which joins an already very crowded market, will aim to bring the company's simple design aesthetics and good sound to the TVs of those who sign up.

The new device, called the Libratone Diva, will presumably replace the Libratone Lounge, cost half as much, but deliver a much more bass filled sound, and is finished in the company's now defacto wool covers.

Priced at £649, the new speaker takes design cues from shells on the beach to enhance sound delivery and will come with a black wool zipped cover as standard. Buyers will then be able to claim a free additional coloured zipped cover to be sent in the post allowing them to change the look of the speaker instantly.


Hoping to avoid the need for additional speakers in the room, the new Diva soundbar will feature the subwoofer built in to the unit that sits under your TV.

For those who are counting, the Libratone Diva is equipped with speaker technology offering a total effect of 225W: one 5-inch 75W bass, two 50W 3-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch ribbon based 25W tweeters.

In a move to simplify controls further, the speaker will let users use their standard TV remote once the speaker has been setup with the accompanying iOS or Android app.

Those who aren't fussed with using the TV remote will be able to use a dedicated app to control and stream music via their phone using a number of wireless technologies, like Spotify Connect, HTC Connect, AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth.

Unlike many of the multi-room systems already available on the market from Samsung, LG, Denon, and Sonos, Libratone is leaving it to customers to turn to third-party apps to create multi-room experience rather than offer one themselves believing users want a more singular audio experience first and foremost rather than faffing with connecting speakers together around the house.


Invited to an audio demo of the new speaker in a swanky Park Lane apartment in London the results from our brief listen of both music and movie clips are positive.

The sound of the speaker is a little on the warm bass-heavy side, but that could be due to the company trying to show off the internal subwoofer credentials in our demo. Or it could be that the Libratone Diva has been tweaked to deliver more bass generally.

At this stage we aren't able too offer more than that and it is something that we look forward to testing with more gusto when we get a speaker in for review in the coming weeks.

Writing by Stuart Miles.