The best thing to come out of Denmark since bacon? Quite possibly.

Pocket-lint was lucky enough to be treated to a sneak peak of the Libratone Beat ahead of its official launch, and we have to say - that it's one gorgeous piece of tech.

And, according to the Danish company's sales director Soren Louis Pederson, it doesn't just look good but performs incredibly well also. Although you'll have to wait for Pocket-lint's full review, coming soon, for our own opinion.

But on looks alone we are smitten. And the tech on board is none too shoddy either.

The Beat is a free standing speaker that works with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that plugs into your iPod, iPad or iPhone, or your Mac or PC. The iDevice transmitter is tiny and plugs straight into the dock-connector, and the Mac or PC connects via a USB transmitter. With the iDevice version, you can also still charge your device with a special lead that comes in the box.

The Libratone Beat has patent-pending FullRoom technology on board, that lets you experience full stereo sound no matter where you are in the room. 

It also has "ultra-high-end" components and has advanced signal processing, with an output of 50W and 2 x 25W from the midrange drivers and ribbon tweeters.

Back to the looks and the Beat has a satin chrome handle for easy movement, and comes wrapped in cashmere wool in several colours including including slate grey, blood orange, vanilla beige and blueberry black.

The speaker is 47cm high, weighs 6.5kg and has a frequency response of 50 - 20,000Hz.

The Libratone Beat will be available in the Apple Online Store in December 2010 and then in Apple's high street stores at the beginning of 2011. The standard slate grey will cost you £549 and the cashmere colours are £599.

Stay tuned for a full Pocket-lint review.