LG's Music Flow system is one of the recent additions to the world of multiroom speakers, announced in August 2014. We always knew that LG would be expanding the system, and CES 2015 will see the launch of some new components. 

Adding to the selection of speakers is the new H4. This is a portable speaker, housing its own rechargeable battery, meaning you'll get all the advantages of a connected system, but the ability to pick it up and move it around the house.

Music Flow launched with the HS6 soundbar, but this is being updated with the HS7 and there's a new HS9 soundbar too. At the moment LG hasn't detailed much more about these new elements, but we're sure we'll see more at CES 2015.

The new additions mean that Music Flow has a complete line-up of speakers in sizes for all situations and setups, with plenty of options for those looking build a connected system. 

There's no indication of pricing on the new additions. We'll be bringing you a full review of Music Flow in the near future, and more details of these new parts when we get more information.