(Pocket-lint) - LG is taking on Sonos head-to-head with its newly announced music streaming speaker system. LG Music Flow is made up of a number of separate components, including a wireless soundbar, that will start to hit the UK this month and continue to roll out globally thereafter.

The system comprises different sized LG Music Flow speakers, with model designations H3, H5 and H7, plus a soundbar, HS6, and a network bridge that ties it all together, R1. It works with a Music Flow Player smartphone application which can send to any of the speakers any digital music stored in the home.

The app can also function as a smartphone music player when travelling, and accesses internet radio stations too.

LG Music Flow also features LG HomeChat support. That means it will understand commands sent through messaging app Line. It also has NFC connectivity to play music immediately through a simple tag.

Auto Music Play functionality also means that users can have the system automatically switch to play music in the location they are in. For example, if a user moves from the garden to the living room, the music will switch to play there as long as the user takes his or her smartphone with them.

And the Music Flow Play app has a Mood Station feature that will provide recommendations or automatically create playlists of tracks stored on any internet-enabled device in the home. The system can also access other applications, such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster and TuneIn.

Prices for the LG Music Flow components are yet to be announced.

The Korean company traditionally announces its products prior to their IFA debut in Berlin - this year to start on 4 September for the press, 5 September for public - and the Music Flow system is no different. Pocket-lint will go hands-on with the components soon.

Writing by Rik Henderson.