(Pocket-lint) - LG has let the cat out of the bag about what it will be offering at IFA this month, and the Korean manufacturer is going big on 3D (again), applying the tech to a range of audio and video products.

3D Sound Home Theater System (BH9520TW)

LG's 3D Sound Home Theater System consists of four tall 9.1 3D speakers that utilises LG’s 3D Sound Zooming technology. This takes into account both the position and movement of objects projecting and alternating their volume in accordance to their proximity to the viewer. A 360-degree reflector helps create a surround sound, bouncing noise in all directions, while the system is also geared up for Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity. Users will also have access to LG’s Smart TV ecosystem.

Versatile Sound Bar Audio System (NB3520A)

Another 3D surround sound device, this wireless subwoofer will be able to play your tunes from external devices over a Wi-Fi connection. Slim and with boxed-in wall brackets, LG’s Sound Bar Audio System is again Bluetooth and USB compatible.

Smart TV Upgrader (SP820)

If you don’t fancy forking out on one of LG’s own Smart TVs, then this useful contraption will provide the same experience through your “ordinary” television. Connect it to your TV and you’ll have access to all LG’s Smart TV content as well as the ability to pair with external devices via Wi-Fi. The Smart TV Upgrader will also come with the LG Magic Remote, which enables users to control their TV via voice recognition and gesture control.

Blu-ray TM Players with Hybrid Functionality (HR9295+HR929D)

Both these Blu-ray TM players are equipped with high-definition tuners that can play and record content from internal and external storage devices. As well as being able to access content from other devices, consumers will also be able to choose from a wide variety of apps from the LG App Store.

Smart Blu-ray disc player (BP620)

With embedded Smart TV functionality, consumers will have access to LG’s television ecosystem as well as VoD apps from the LG App Store. External devices will be able to connect to the Blu-ray player wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Docking Speaker with Airplay (ND8520)

Optimised for Apple devices, this docking speaker will play any iTunes content you have stored on external devices, wirelessly over Wi-Fi. The speaker itself is a 2.1 channel 80 watt with a built-in woofer. There’s a touchscreen interface that controls both the volume levels and selects what audio is playing. Though the docking speaker comes with a remote control, LG’s own Bluetooth app can be downloaded to enable control through an iPhone or iPad.

LG has also mentioned the ND8520, which, like the Docking Speaker with Airplay, will wirelessly stream audio from both Apple and Android devices. At present that is all the manufacturer has told us.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but with IFA set to start on 29 August this information should filter through before long.

Any of these products catch your eye? What will you be looking out for IFA? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Danny Brogan.