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(Pocket-lint) - Any queries on Klipsch's 2011 venture into the world of AirPlay have been firmly answered at CES 2012 with the launch of three more digital music machines for the home, each featuring Apple's wireless solution.

The Klipsch Stadium, pictured above, is a 2.1 table top sound system designed to bring a high performance audio output for the more casual device that is a portable music player. Within the brushed aluminium cabinet sits dual 1-inch tweeters and 3-inch woofers backed up by a set of 5.25-inch subs to breathe bass into your music.

As with all the Klipsch products announced today, they can use any local wireless network to play music streams from iPads, iPhones and iPods without the need to dock, unless, of course, you want to. On top of that, you can also beam your beats using the iTunes software from a PC or Mac. Failing all of that, there's also a USB port for direct connection.

Klipschklipsch gets more airplay with three digital music solutions image 2

If you'd rather have a whole table rather than just the table top, the Klipsch Console is designed to be a 2.1 sound system as well as a furniture centrepiece; a bit like sideboard, by the looks of things. Underneath all that shiny, black paneling is more proprietary technology than you could shake a stick at including opulent sounding features such as titanium domes, high compression drivers, Cerametallic woofers and woven fibreglass subs.

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As well as the AirPlay goodies, the idea behind the console is that it can act as a centre and sub for a 5.1 system, so there's all sorts of media connections including HDMI and optical.

Lastly, is the non-pictured baby of the bunch known as the Klipsch RoomGroove Air. A more compact music system, it powers dual 1-inch tweeters and 2.5-inch woofers and a tuned port enclosure to chuck out the bass.

The RoomGroove and Stadium will arrive for sale in the Autumn of 2012 with the Console to follow by the end of the year.

Writing by Dan Sung. Editing by Adrian Willings.