(Pocket-lint) - If you're jumping on the bandwagon with the latest devices, you'll have probably have encountered the new USB Type-C format. The new USB connection has appeared on the MacBook, Pixel C tablet, as well as a number of smartphones, like the new HTC 10 and LG G5.

JBL has announced the Reflect Aware C, the first USB Type-C headphones that feature noise cancellation. Using USB Type-C they can draw the power for noise-cancellation directly from the device they're attached to, rather than needing a separate bulky battery. 

That means you don't have the extra weight swinging around on the cable, which is a big advantage when you're using them for sport. They are sweatproof and have ergonomically designed earbuds to stay in your ear during activity.

But it's not just noise cancellation. The Reflect Aware have adaptable sound, so they will let in surrounding sounds if you want them too, meaning that if you're running outside, you'll be able to hear the bike that's about to ride into you.

If it's pure noise cancellation in the gym then you get that option too, so you don't have the background music or droning of all those treadmills distracting you from your own workout.

The cables are also reflective, so they'll catch the light and let others know where you are. 

There's no word on pricing or availability for the JBL Reflect Aware C, but the company also offers these headphones in a Lightning version for the iPhone - priced at $159.95, with availability expected in June 2016.

Writing by Chris Hall.