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(Pocket-lint) - JBL has unveiled what it claims to be the "world's first gesture control smart headphones". The JBL Reflect Response earbuds come with motion sensing technology, so can recognise waves of a hand in order to change tracks or answer calls without needing to find or press little buttons.

You can command audio to playback or pause too, just through gestures. And they link to a smartphone through Bluetooth so are effectively wireless - just connected to each other and a smart controller that sits behind the neck.

JBL claims that the headphones will run for up to eight hours on a single charge and the earbuds have been designed for fitness and exercise use. They have a secure fit.

The "Reflect" part of the name relates to the fact that the cable has reflective properties, so they help the wearer remain visible at night. And they come in four different colours; red, green, blue and black.

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The JBL Reflect Response headphones will be £129 when they are released in the UK and the rest of Europe in summer. They are also on show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so we'll see if we can catch up with a pair over the next couple of days.

Writing by Rik Henderson.