If the audio produced from your computer or laptop just doesn’t quite hit the right note, then plugging the JBL Jembe Desktop speakers into your device should give you that heavy hitting bass you’re after. 

We say plug them in - the JBL Jembe speakers are also available in a wireless version, which pairs up to your computer, tablet, mobile or gaming device via Bluetooth. 

Both sets of kit feature two speakers that won’t take up too much room on a desk or bookshelf – 106 x 106 x 135mm – while JBL’s Slipstream Port technology is designed to handle amplified bass without distortion. 

The JBL Jembe Desktop speakers that do need to be plugged in do so via a 3.5mm port, while both versions have a separate headphone jack for you to plug in your own set of cans for some private listening. 

The JBL Jembe Desktop speakers with wires are available now for £49.99 from Richer Sounds, while the Bluetooth version costs £69.99.

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