Huawei has launched the Sound X smart speaker in China and has partnered with audio brand Devialet to bring some punch to the proceedings.

Devialet are best known for the outstanding Phantom speaker, but has been partnering with a number of different companies to bring its audio technology to a wider range of listeners - or those who can't afford to spend £1000+ on a speaker. 

The Huawei Sound X has a double subwoofer design and is built for 360-degree sound, although it can also be stereo paired. There is a quality look to the Sound X and we're rather taken with it. 

Of particular interest is the double woofer arrangement which is visible through the side of the casing. The arrangement of woofers should mean that you get powerful but vibration and distortion-free bass delivery, with Huawei saying that it delivers 60W of bass, down to 40Hz. 

The two 3.5-inch woofers are joined by six 1.5-inch full range speakers and it supports Hi-Res audio.

The Sound X is loaded with AI, claiming to adjust the sound output to suit the environment that it's placed in, while also supporting smartphone and voice control, with six microphones.

The Huawei Sound X is launching in China and it will cost RMB1999, which is around £220. Whether it will ever launch in other regions we don't know: of course, one consideration of launching it in the UK, Europe or the US would be that you'd want it to work with a familiar voice service like Alexa or Google Assistant, which might not be currently possible for Huawei due to ongoing problems with the US.

Still, it's an interesting addition and a good looking speaker.