(Pocket-lint) - Harman Kardon announced a new series of home cinema soundbars at IFA 2018, the Enchant range.

There are two models, the Enchant 800 and 1300. Each can be paired with the Enchant Subwoofer.

Both use “Automatic MultiBeam Calibration” to scan your living toom and trick you into thinking you’re listening to a surround system, even though all the drivers are in front of you.

The Enchant 800 has eight audio channels, the Enchant 1300 13, and has 180W peak power to the 1300’s 240W. Have a bigger TV and bigger lounge? You probably want the Enchant 1300.

It is 112cm long, just a little less wide than a trim 55-inch TV. The Enchant 1300 also has three HDMI input ports, the Enchant 800 just one.

Both units have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, perfect for using the integrated Chromecast to beam audio to the bars without switching anything else on.

The Enchant 800 costs £619.99, the 1300 £899.99. And the Subwoofer, a must for floor-shaking bass, is an additional £619.99. These setups are a clear step up from Harman Kardon’s existing Omni Bar Plus, which is £799.99 but includes a subwoofer.

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This means the Enchant 800 plus subwoofer is around £160 less than the Sonos Playbar and SUB. You’ll have to wait for our full review to see if it sounds better, though.

Harman Kardon says the Enchant range will be available from “fall 2018”, which could mean any time from September.

Writing by Andrew Williams. Editing by Adrian Willings.