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(Pocket-lint) - Google's small suite of available smart home speakers is going to undergo another tweak, it would seem, after it confirmed that it's not making any more units of its super-sized Google Home Max.

The largest of its speakers, and very much intended to offer a more high-fidelity quality of audio, the speaker brings impressive sound but implicitly may not have found so much of an audience as its smaller siblings. 

Still, it's been around since 2017 which is more than a healthy innings for a modern smart speaker, and at a much higher cost than other options, it's not a huge surprise for it to shuffle off-stage now. Whether this means that Google has another large speaker in the works to replace it remains to be seen.


The newer Nest Audio looks like the middle ground for now, a smaller speaker that's still got more power than the likes of the Nest Mini, if you care a bit more about the quality of your music's playback.

For those who already have a Home Max, though, there's nothing to fear according to Google. It has told Engadget that “Existing Google Home Max users shouldn’t worry as they won’t see any change in their service. We'll continue to offer software updates and security fixes to Google Home Max devices."

That's reassuring, although how long the assurance actually lasts is also something that will be borne out in time. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
  • Via: Google is officially retiring the Home Max - engadget.com
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