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(Pocket-lint) - Tidal HiFi subscribers will now be able to stream music in Dolby Atmos - but you'll need a compatible device such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or OnePlus 7 Pro (they need to have Dolby Atmos support). These devices are Android-only; there's no support for iOS as yet. 

The library of Dolby Atmos music is growing. Taken from the catalogues of Universal and Warner, the roster of remixed Dolby Atmos tracks includes The Weeknd, Blondie and Ariana Grande. Tidal also says it is working closely with its artist-owners including Jay-Z, to mix their catalogues in Dolby Atmos – these are expected to become available in 2020.

Dolby Atmos Music is intended to highlight details that are lost with traditional recordings so you can hear every instrument and part as the artist intended.

Tidal joins Amazon Music HD in offering Dolby Atmos tracks - you can listen to Dolby Atmos Music on the Amazon Echo Studio, even though you won't necessarily know you're listening to it when you do - the Dolby logo is shown in apps but it is subtle. 

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As with Amazon Music HD, Tidal HiFi will automatically default to the Atmos mix if the playback device allows it. Tidal also already includes high-quality MQA tracks with Tidal Masters.

Writing by Dan Grabham.