High-end Hi-Fi brand Denon has made a return to its affordable Hi-Fi roots and rolled out some new Denon Hi-Fi components at price points from £160.

The Far East market leader with the audiophile S and SA1 series, Denon has recently created some more affordable ranges for the likes of us that have enjoyed success.

The release of the 500AE series in the UK see Denon continuing along the Hi-Fi-for-the-people lines.

At well under £200 each, the 500AE components offer value and good build quality with solid alloy fascias and heavyweight power supplies and both claim to deliver musical performance beyond their price class.

Both models feature Denon's new "Soft Wave" styling and are available in silver and black.

The 500AE CD player includes 192kHz DACs to make all CDs sound better, Denon's own CD transport, strictly selected parts and heavy construction to reduce vibration.

The 500AE amp is fully discrete, with a High Current (HC) Single Push Pull Circuit, high-speed, large-capacity power supply, audiophile-grade capacitors and a clean, straight-path circuit design, delivering musical performance "above its price class".

Guess you'll have to wait for a review to find out if the products live up to Denon's claims - either that or just go and buy them - they're cheap enough...

PMA-500AE - Stereo Hi-Fi amplifier £179.99
DCD-500AE - Stereo CD player £159.99