Those lucky Germans are getting a sneak preview of some Denon goodies as the innovative Japanese company showcases the first of their 2008 AV range at the Munich Show.

Being proffered in front of the show-going public is (and we quote): "The most advanced new network centric and high-definition Home Cinema components".

One item we think is particularly of interest is the Denon AVR-4308DAB HD Network Wi-Fi 7.1 AV receiver which is the first product available to feature Denon's new "wave" style industrial design, which brings a "softer, sleeker" look to the Denon Home Cinema product range.

But in case you were worried that Denon were going all soft, there's plenty of cold, hard tech beneath that "softer" surface…

Offering high definition quality sound and vision, state of the art Denon sound quality, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, future-ready expandability and a very interesting sounding "photo-real" graphical user interface this is one product we'd make room for in our lounge.

Denon have so far not entered the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war and have opted instead to produce products that "up-scale" to high-def standards.

The projected price for this bad boy is £2000 with a possible September 2007 launch date.