Denon has added to its Smart “Life” series with the S-81DAB Stereo System, which it markets as having full iPod integration as standard.

The device features blue-lit controls on the front, and supports MP3 CDs as well as regular. There’s a dedicated iPod socket at the front so that you can connect your iPod to it via an included cord, but wouldn’t it have been more elegant to include a dock at the top? Instead, Denon offers an “optional” dock.

The device also plays back FM and AM radio as well as DAB radio through the 50+50W digital amplifier, and is designed with a shallow chasses so that it can fit on small shelves and bookcases. Speakers are designed for easy setup with coloured terminals and matching cables.

The price for this CD and radio with special speakers designed we are told by Denon "for UK ears"? £600.